Play, playfulness, and performance

Every once in a while, the real world gets playful. I remember walking home from school one day, ear buds in and MP3 player blaring, when a pigeon walked in front of me. No doubt as a result of some pigeon fight-club, a tuft of feathers on his head stood straight up… it looked like he was sporting a mohawk. At the moment I saw him, my playlist skipped over to an old school British punk-rock anthem, and suddenly I wasn’t just walking home, I was watching a show. Peter the punk-rock pigeon was born in my head.

The moment didn’t last long because I was cold and supper awaited, but the idea stuck. A scholar named Josette Feral describes theatricality as a “cleft in the quotidian”, and this was just that.

I just stumbled across this collection of interactive art projects, and I can’t help but think they set up the same kind of cleft – they break normal patterns. I adore the videos and the unassuming play and performance of the supposed spectators who suddenly become part of the art itself as they engage with the installations. For sure worth checking out!


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