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Kinect in Theatre

Kinect and Shakespeare?

Wish I could be in Ottawa to check this out!


Touche, Tupac.

A few thoughts for the company behind the Tupac hologram.


Play, playfulness, and performance

Every once in a while, the real world gets playful. I remember walking home from school one day, ear buds in and MP3 player blaring, when a pigeon walked in front of me. No doubt as a result of some pigeon fight-club, a tuft of feathers on his head stood straight up… it looked like he was sporting a mohawk. At the moment I saw him, my playlist skipped over to an old school British punk-rock anthem, and suddenly I wasn’t just walking home, I was watching a show. Peter the punk-rock pigeon was born in my head.

The moment didn’t last long because I was cold and supper awaited, but the idea stuck. A scholar named Josette Feral describes theatricality as a “cleft in the quotidian”, and this was just that.

I just stumbled across this collection of interactive art projects, and I can’t help but think they set up the same kind of cleft – they break normal patterns. I adore the videos and the unassuming play and performance of the supposed spectators who suddenly become part of the art itself as they engage with the installations. For sure worth checking out!



I get a bit giddy every time I encounter something online that tries to convince me that their work is really all about me. I guess I’m a narcissist. Consider:

Transformers on your street


The Wilderness Downtown

I can’t help but wonder if and how live art can do this? Make it all about the individual spectator? Or maybe it shouldn’t do that…







Check it out! This’ll for sure make reading cool again!

Right guys? Right?



I’m taking this online course that explores gamification – the application of gaming principles (like experience points and awards) to non-game situations. Super nerdy, but super fun! (Who doesn’t like more xp?)

I think that there are a considerable number of theatre-folk who are gamifying their practice, perhaps without knowing that that’s what they’re doing. As far as I can see, one of the recurring themes in gamified theatre is immersion – you are the play.

A guy who used to be a teacher of mine at the University of Ottawa now has this company in Montreal called Herole, and they have a really great take on what immersion means on their website. It’s a cool company and a cool concept – check them out!


Diana Taylor – The Digital as Anti-Archive

I first ran into Diana Taylor when I took a course in Commedia dell’Arte at the University of Alberta from Prof. Rosalind Kerr. We were asked to read Taylor’s The Archive and the Repertoire, and apply those ideas to the tensions between performed and documented Commedia. I loved the book.

I guess that’s why I was so thrilled to encounter this video in which Taylor talks about how the digital document isn’t exactly an archive… she leaps from the premise that “what we know is radically altered by how we know it,” and interrogates the digital as repertoire.

Check it out: