NB: If you are interested in attending a workshop, please write to foot.graddrama@utoronto.ca to get details.

Saturday January 26 & Sunday January 27, 1-5pm

Animating/Animated Bodies – A Workshop

A practice-as-research investigation of digital technology (visual/sonic motion-tracking) in performance

130106_FOOT Web info_Budde_Sinclair_photoDon and Antje are founding members of the Digital Dramaturgy Lab, which investigates both in practical and scholarly/critical terms the relationship between contemporary and future developments of digital technology and how these relate to theatrical performance and the live performing body (including interactive relationship with audiences).
Participants can explore motion-tracking technology as related to their artistic and research interests. We will use webcams and Microsoft Kinects to activate and manipulate media. In addition to affecting sound, video, and image, we will explore digital puppetry techniques to manipulate media including 3D models. This workshop will provide a platform for discussion, hands-on investigation and creative critical thought.
A project of DDL (Digital Dramaturgy Lab).
Assisted by Assaf Gadot (York University)

Professor Antje Budde works both in the academic and the artistic field of theatre and performance studies. She is a full faculty member of the Centre for Drama, Theatre and Performance Studies at the University of Toronto. In 2012 she founded the Digital Dramaturgy Lab, which engages in scholarly, artistic and educational projects. Recent ones include: Homo Ludens: The Playing BodyArtaud’s Cage.

Professor Don Sinclair has taught new media in the Faculty of Fine Arts at York since 1990. He was the primary designer of the Faculty’s new media courses. An enthusiastic participant in collaborative teaching, he has developed innovative cross/interdisciplinary courses in interactive dance with Holly Small (Dance) and physical computing with Wojtek Janczak (Design), as well as working on technology-enhanced learning initiatives with Renate Wickens. For more see: http://www.yorku.ca/finearts/faculty/profs/sinclair.htm


Sunday Jan. 27, 10am – 12pm

Old School – The Science of Object Manipulation – Workshop

Puppetry and object manipulation can prove to be one of the most animated and surreal aspects of theatre, creating filmic, high-tech imagery with the most simple of objects. In working with instruments of high technology on stage, it’s important to exploit the creative potential of those objects as objects themselves – a camera is a high-tech instrument, but also a brick of metal and plastic – a simple object.


With this workshop we take a hands-on “caveman” approach to working with objects, old-school style, in techniques of puppetry and object manipulation.


This work is informed by the time I have spent studying puppetry with Tim Gosley, former Muppeteer, and Pete Balkwill of The Old Trout Puppet Workshop, as well as the object-manipulation work I have done with the inmates at William Head Prison Theatre Company.


Participants are asked to dress comfortably and be prepared to move and play.


Ingrid Hansen is an interdisciplinary theatre artist, and the Artistic Director of SNAFU Dance Theatre, which has been creating innovative live performances on the West Coast since 2006.


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